All of the patients shown in this gallery were treated by Dr. Jackson and her team.  Incidentally, this entire website was produced by Dr. Jackson – not an orthodontic website company.  Our individualized website is a reflection of the individualized attention to detail that patients experience throughout their treatment with us.


Before/After Series Photos

These photo sets of several of our patients show the complete series of pictures which we take for every patient and begin to illustrate the exciting changes that our offices can achieve.


Intra-arch Improvements

These pictures focus on the changes made to the teeth within one arch (upper or lower) such as spacing or crowding resolution and changes made to arch width and arch form (shape produced when connecting all the tops of the tooth crowns together).  Desirable archform tends to resemble a broad U (upside down for the upper arch) and produces an aesthetic wide smile evident in frontal views.


Horizontal Changes

Corrections of bite relationships between the upper and lower teeth and/or jaws in the horizontal dimension (from front to back when viewed from the side) are illustrated here.


Vertical Resolutions

Up or down movements of the teeth in relation to each other or to the lips are illustrated here.


Teeth Angle Corrections

Improvement to the direction in which teeth are leaning is termed “torque” control.


Impacted/Missing Teeth

Orthodontics can help erupt teeth that otherwise would remain stuck in the jawbone and can offer solutions to teeth that never developed or that were lost.



When an upper tooth bites inside the lower arch of teeth, it is called a crossbite.  This type of malocclusion can cause asymmetrical growth.  However, there are other instances of asymmetrical bite relationships which are not caused by crossbites.


Extraction Cases

Occasionally it is in a patient’s best interests to have one or several teeth removed to achieve better results in terms of long term stability, ease of correction,  and even aesthetics in certain cases.