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Alpine Orthodontics

Administrative & Clinical Office
1620 Alpine Blvd., #212
Alpine, CA 91901
(619) 445-8883 Phone
(619) 445-8890 Fax

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Alpine Orthodontics is conveniently located in the beautiful Alpine Regional Center Building just south of the Tavern Road exit ramp off eastbound highway 8.

Our office welcomes patients of all ages. If you’d like to set up an appointment or speak to us, please call us at the above number. For your convenience, please CLICK HERE to go to our secure patient information form. Please fill it in and submit it. (Note: the form is not as time-consuming as it first appears. Tip: review the questions first to have your information available.)

If you have orthodontic insurance, providing the insurance company name and phone number along with the subscriber name and birth date will assist us in providing any benefit information for you on the day of the exam. We look forward to meeting you and/or you and your child. Together, we’ll discuss how and when orthodontics can best benefit you (or your child).

To best illustrate what to expect during your initial visits, let’s take a tour of our office from a new patient perspective:

Upon entering our office, you’ll first be greeted by many smiling patients who’ve preceded you, as our “Cheshire Cat Tree of Smiles” mural will be the first thing you notice in our reception area. (Finishing patients are treated to a free professional picture for themselves and a copy can also be made for display in our office.)


You’ll be handed an information sheet on how to accumulate tokens to exchange for prizes upon checking in with a team member at the front desk.


After your check in, one of our clinical assistants will escort you to one of the clinical chairs where she will take some pictures of your teeth and face. Referring to these pictures is the best way to easily point out important information after the exam. The pictures are loaded into our computer and then Dr. Jackson will meet with you in our private exam room to review the patient information you’ve provided and to perform an intraoral exam.


For patients who are recommended for treatment at a later date, our automated recall system will be programmed to call you at the appropriate time to remind you to make a follow up appointment. The longest recall interval is one year even if treatment is not expected to be recommended for several years, as the status of erupting teeth and their relationships are constantly changing in young people and we want to be sure to catch any future new developing situations.

This same technology will be used to provide automated appointment reminder calls the day before appointments as a courtesy.

If treatment is recommended, the first step is to complete orthodontic records, which involves a time for taking orthodontic x-rays and study models (and any picture updates). Occasionally, these may be able to be completed the same day as your exam, or another appointment can be made to generate these necessary items. Our x-ray machine is digital, which means extremely low radiation and immediate image availability! Later, the study model impressions will be transformed into stone replicas of your teeth in our lab area where we also fabricate various appliances.



Dr. Jackson diagnoses the full records to finalize a treatment plan or options, if applicable, and reviews the findings with you during a consultation prior to starting orthodontic treatment.


Patients who’d like to come in a bit early and brush immediately prior to their appointments may do so at our hygiene sinks and mirror area. Disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouth rinse are available at this counter, which also serves as a convenient area for them to practice appliance or rubber band placement when needed.


Appliance placement and adjustments are performed in our relaxed and open treatment area. Parents accompanying patients are welcome to sit by their child if desired. Of course, relaxing in our reception area or using the time for errands are also options.


Our state-of-the-art sterilization area and cassette/bagging system reflect our concern for your protection, and provide an effective and efficient way to attend to necessary instruments and supplies required for your care.


We look forward to meeting you and providing you with our signature outstanding care and service!