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Sore Jaw

Moving teeth happens in a very similar process as working out. A little pressure over is put on the tooth, which starts the process of inflammation that leads to moving gradual movement of the teeth across the jaw bone. Like after a good work out, you will feel some general soreness. You can take anti-inflammatory/pain medication (Advil or Motrin). You can also use over-the-counter analgesic like Orabase® or Orajel®. If your braces are rubbing or poking your mouth, you can use dental wax (we will give you some, and is easy to find at the drugstore) to cover problem areas and prevent blisters.

Loose Bracket or Band

Braces and appliances that go in a patient’s mouth are made to eventually remove by the orthodontist. Sometimes, they can get loose, be bent out of shape, or even break. If something is poking, dental wax can be really helpful; place a small amount on the spot to cover the problem area. Next, schedule an appointment to have the bracket or band repaired.

Poking Wire or Bracket

Teeth are guided into their ideal position using a light wire across your braces. This wire may pop out of place. If it’s a flexible wire, you might be able to push it back into place using tweezers. If you can’t move it with tweezers, you can use a pencil eraser or the back of a pen to push the pokie wire down. It may be easiet to use dental wax you’re unable to get the wire in a ideal place- roll up a generous amount and put it over the pokie wire. Remember to call us for the next available appointment to have the wire repaired.

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